Saturday, February 26, 2011

Off to See the Wizard...

Well, I'm off to Emerald City Comic Con anyway!

This will be my first year at this bad ass convention, and I'm sharing a spot with my dear buddy Jen, whose work you can find here, Seattle is an awesome city and I'm thrilled to be returning.  In fact, I'll be there twice in April as well!  Keep watching for updates on my schedule.

Anyway, I'm debuting a new series--and a new style--at this show.  Check out the very first poster in my Gorgonist Classical series!

  Clean, digitally inked and full of crazy contrasts.  Recently reread Hamlet with a student friend and enjoyed it all over again.  Could Hamlet be any whinier?  I read a criticism by someone who had a tract about the politics in Hamlet and the play's constant but underrated allusions to the Trojan Horse.  That critic thought Hamlet was crazy like a fox--or a self-actualizing politician anyway.  I'm not so sure that I buy Hamlet as actually politically-minded.  After all, in the end he and Claudius both manage to exit stage DEAD, leaving their country for the invaders to don't-mind-if-I-do.

Anyway I enjoyed this piece, and intend to do a LOT more--no classic lit is safe from me and my cartooning!  You can buy this print and all future ones here.

See you at Emerald City Comic Con!