Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fresh from Seattle

Hey, I'm freshly back from Sakuracon and while it was a blast, I'm very happy not to have to travel until the very end of May, for Fanime in San Jose, CA.

Every evening after selling art on the exhibitor hall floor, Jen of Beak Speak and I would return to our hotel room, change into pajamas, and sketch while we watched the hell outta some Downton Abbey.  I highly reccomend it to any costume drama fans! 

I was trying out some new soft lead from Kinokuniya and ended up with a series of three very nice drawings produced during these wind-down sessions.  Check them out!

I'll post colored version when I finish them.  They will be made available in 8x12 matte photo (or maybe 8.5x11 giclee on watercolor paper?) prints when I'm finished.  Any pre-orders?  What else would you like to see elves do in the forest?

Photoshop is Failing me!

Any clues why photoshop CS4 might be crashing every few times I try to save?  My computer has plenty of RAM (seriously) and I do shut her down every three days or so...