Saturday, January 15, 2011

First Post

Happy 2011.

I'm hard at work in my studio right now. No shows planned, but I'm finishing up two sketchbooks that I'll be selling in my shop here and at future shows. More details later, but they focus on character sketches and are pretty hot. Even better, I think they're inspiring a sexy comic!

Also, I've been hard at work on a book dummy that ties together my kid-friendly Bad Day monsters.

  The story is set to a song, sort of days-of-the-week, colors-of-the-rainbow lyrics. I'm hoping to have the staff notation for the music along the bottom of the pages as well as the whole song in the back, and to link to a nice recording of this thing online. Too crazy? Maybe I can entice my talented musician siblings into helping me record this monstrosity...

And here's what's on the slab right now...

There's my palette in the corner!  This piece has come a long away already, check back to see the next few steps.  I'm excited about this one, though.  Always need more steampunk drawings. They're fun, great practice for coloring, and look nice in the ol' portfolio. You can check that out here.

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  1. I am excited to see this project, Bad Day Monsters, come to fruition. The illustrations are cute, stylish and appealing to broad spectrum of people. :)