Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fanime = San Jose Love

Hey to anyone who met me at Fanime in San Jose, California!  Thanks for making me feel so welcome.  I'm enjoying the beautiful downtown as well as the big crazy convention--everyone is super nice and really enthused.  I'm inspired--I wanna go home and draw!

I don't really have any new art to show you since I'm working all day at the convention, but here's a token of my appreciation:

A little tie-fighter girl I drew for a lucky etsy customer a while back!

Also, here are some pictures from the convention and San Jose!

By the way, I was born in this city, and the whole seven years I lived here it never rained  A terrible drought, really.  Today I was caught in a downpour while walking back to my hotel!   So surreal.


~The Gorgonist


  1. Fanime success! We loved your art, and are really happy with the few we picked up! Can't wait to see if you extend the set (We got 4 of the final fantasy ones).

    Really great work! Some of the only ones we saw that we knew we had to have right away.

  2. Hi, I loved your arts, I kept coming back to check them out and geek out over your style. I'm the girl who loved Marvel Girl, by the way, in case you remember me?

  3. I had so much fun meeting you! Your artwork is beautiful and I felt very honored that you stopped by my table and introduced yourself. I have a new artist to admire.


  4. Awesome! I remember you, the awesome Marvel Girl, and yay Melissa, glad to hear from you! I'll have a nice Fanime wrap-up post in a day or so, thanks guys for making it an awesome welcome!

  5. The more I look at the prints I bought, the more I love your art. I also showed the Laputa print to a friend of mine and she later bought it herself. It was nice meeting you and I hope you come back to next year's Fanime. I can't wait to see all the wonderful stuff you'll come up with from here till then. (Oh yeah, I'm also going to commission a bunch of stuff as soon as I nail down what I want)