Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jet City

If I were a bit more on top of my shit, I'd post about a show BEFORE it happens, and then again afterward.  Which I will do for the next two I swear!  But for now, I want to give a shout-out to everyone who came by my table at Jet City comic show, which was a great little event in Seattle this last weekend.  

I debuted this piece:

Which was commissioned the week before and was super fun to create.  Like my Firefly piece, it was a trip to make my storybook style characters recognizable as real human people without being too creepy-caricature like, and I think I succeeded.  I think one of these days I'll indulge in some discussion of my different styles and where I think they are going, but that wouldn't be talking about Jet City!

I got to know mliev of 'The Locked Maze' fame, and Kari of 'Toilet Genie' better, and we had a very passionate conversation afterwards about the life of an artist and personality types and suffering that definitely wrung tears and laughter out of the group.  Also the grungy table at the bar wore the skin off my elbows so it hurts whenever I bend my arms now, but it was worth it.

Also, my work in the commissions department has exploded recently!  Aside from the Dr Who piece posted here and a family portrait for a dashing Canadian, I'm doing a great original X-men team poster (with Jean as Phoenix and blue furry Beast because we decided those are more iconic incarnations for those characters) and a huge Devil May Cry poster, a fierce blog mascot girl and a design for a temporary tattoo!  

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