Monday, April 30, 2012

Spring Convention Season!

What a crazy April this has been.  Last week was bookended by huge conventions-Emerald City Comic Con one weekend and Sakura Con the next!  They were fantastic experiences and resulted in some new opportunities I'll post about when I'm allowed ^.~  Oh, and I spent enough money to pay my bills for two months on copic markers.  As one does when they are on sale.  Thought I was over my addiction--turns out I traded in my cute Japanese vinyl toy addiction for alcohol-based Japanese markers.  Whee!

Here's a little piece I copic-ed.  Working on adding entire Middle Grade and YA sections to my portfolio and playing with all kinds of new styles.

Those two weekends definitely made up for how sequestered I've been in my office.  I met so many cool people--new fans, great artists, charming customers, and impressive costumes.  More on costumes later, since Sakura con resulted in two fantastic costume-related moments.  Those stories deserve their own posts.  I also was able to meet Stasia Burrington, whose delicate and twisted artwork can be seen and purchased here, .

I felt like I lived at the Washinton Convention Center, which is luckily a rather nice building in downtown Seattle.  And I ate an awful lot of delicious crepes from the little creperie right in front.  Highly recommend the fresh lemon crepe, it saved my life twice!  And New Saigon restaurant fed me a LOT of pho, which is pretty much what got me through the weeks.

Anyway, I'm late in posting this, but check out my spiffy new children's book illustration site:, built by Pete from  He's especially adept at building sites for artists and designers, and was able to work with my sketches and blathering to form what I think is a very streamlined and easily readable web experience.  Thanks, man!

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